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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Publication Date: January 25, 1971

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

Alberts, Arthur S.
West Africa, 1949-early 1950s

Alderson, William
Oregon, 1946-1948

Allen, John W.
Southern Illinois, 1948

Artley, Malvin
West Virginia, 1951

Bach, Marcus
Iowa, 1943

Balys, Jonas
Lithuanian-American, 1949-1950

Barbeau, C. Marius
Quebec, 1916

Barlow, Robert H.
Mexican Indians, 1949

Barnes, Gordon
West Virginia, 1939

Barnicle, Mary Elizabeth
Georgia, Florida, Bahamas, with Alan Lomax and Zora Neale Hurston, 1935
Eastern Kentucky, 1938

Barry, Phillips
New England, 1920s-early 1930s

Beck, E.C.
Michigan, 1938

Beck, Horace P.
New England, 1940s
See also Leach

Beckwith, Martha
Jamaica, 1920-1924

Biderman, Sol
Northeastern Brazil, ca. 1968-1970

Blachley, Lou
New Mexico, early 1950s

Black, Robert A.
Hopi, Acoma, Laguna, and Zuni Indians, 1957-1966

Boggs, Ralph Steele
Dominican Republic, 1947-1948

Botkin, Benjamin A.
Various singers, Washington, D.C., 1943-1945
New York, with Charles Hofmann, 1944
Carolinas, 1949
Western states, 1950

Bowles, Paul
Morocco, 1959-1961

British Broadcasting Corporation
British Isles, 1940s

Brown, Frank C.
North Carolina, 1930s and 1940s

Brown, Sterling
Tennessee, with Lewis Jones, early 1940s

Browne, Ray B.
Alabama, 1950s

Buchanan, Annabel Morris
National Federation of Music Clubs Folk Music Archive, United States, 1950s, 1960s

Buckley, Bruce R.
Ohio, 1950

Burg, Amos
Alaska, 1941

Campa, Arthur L.
New Mexico, Colorado, 1947-1949

Campbell, John L.
Scotland, 1938

Carey, George G.
Maryland, 1967-1968

Carlisle, Irene
See University of Arkansas

Cazden, Norman
New York, 1945-1961

Chase, Richard
Virginia, 1939, 1942

Christeson, Robert B.
Texas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania fiddle tunes, 1950s, 1960s

Clayton, Paul.
Massachusetts, Virginia, 1950s

Cohen, John
Kentucky, ca. 1960

Collins, Fletcher
North Carolina, Virginia, 1939-1942

Conklin, Harold C.
Philippines, 1946-1947

Cook, Robert
Florida, 1939-1940

Coon, Leland A.
See University of Wisconsin

Correa de Azevedo, Luis Heitor and E. Nogueira Franca
Brazil, 1942-1943

Cowell, Sidney Robertson
Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Missour, 1936
Washington, D.C., Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, 1937
California, 1938-1939, 1951-1952
Wisconsin, 1953-1954
New York, 1952
Cape Breton, 1953
Ireland, 1953-1956
Iran, Thailand, 1957
See also Karpeles

Coyle, Russell
Japan, Mediterranean area, 1950s

Crampton, H. E.
Tahiti, 1906-1908

Crane, Cornelius
New Guinea, ca. 1940

Creighton, Helen
Nova Scotia, 1943-1944, 1948

Croft, Kenneth
Cheyenne Indians, 1948-1949

DeLaguna, Frederica
Alaska Indians, with Catherine McClellan, 1950-1960

Densmore, Frances
American Indian, 1905-1950

Dickinson, Eleanor
Tennessee, 1968-1969

Discoteca Publica Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil, 1937-1938

Dixon, Roland B.
Micronesia and Polynesia, ca. 1910-1934

Doerflinger, William M.
New York City, sailors, 1942

Dorson, Richard M.
Negro tales, Michigan, 1952

Doyle, Seamus
South America, with Leonard Kirstein, 1941

Draves, Robert F.
See University of Wisconsin

DuBois, Cora
California Indians, ca. 1905

El-Dabh, Halim
Ethiopia, 1964
Mali, Senegal, 1967

Emrich, Duncan
Nevada, 1942, 1950
Various singers, Washington, D.C., 1946-1954

Ennis, Seamus
See British Broadcasting Corporation

Eskin, Sam
United States, 1940s and 1950s

Faulk, John Henry
Texas, 1941-1942

Faurot, Charles
Texas, 1965-1969

Fenton, William N.
Iroquois Indians, 1940s

Fewkes, Jesse Walter
Southwest and Maine Indians, 1890-1926

Fife, Austin E.
Mormons, Utah, 1940s

Flanders, Helen Hartness
Vermont, with Alan Lomax, 1939

Fletcher, Alice Cunningham
Omaha Indians, ca. 1900

Folk-Legacy Records (Sandy Paton and Lee Haggerty)
New Brunswick, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, 1960s

Foss, George
Virginia, North Carolina, early 1960s

Fowke, Edith
Canada, 1957, 1962

Frachtenberg, L. J.
Northwest Indians, 1916-1917

Franca, E. Noguira
See Correa de Azevedo

Frankenstein, Alfred
California, 1940s

Furlong, Charles W.
Tierra del Fuego, 1907-1908

Gillespie, Dr. John
Egyptian Copts, 1960s

Gillmor, Frances
See University of Arizona

Gilman, Benjamin I.
Chicago World's Fair, 1893

Gilmore, Melvin R.
Nebraska Indians, 1905-1906

Gordon, Robert Winslow
California, North Carolina, Georgia, 1920s

Grainger, Percy
England, 1906-1908
Maori, 1908-1909
Denmark, 1920s

Grebe, Maria Ester
Chile, 1964

Grimes, Anne.
Ohio, 1950s

Hall, Joseph S.
North Carolina, Tennessee, 1939-1941, 1953, 1956

Halpert, Herbert
New York, 1937-1939
Southern states, 1938-1939
Kentucky, 1940s

Hand, Wayland D.
Montana, 1940s
California, 1950s

Harper, Francis
Georgia, 1944

Harrington, J. P.
Picuris, Yakuts Indians, 1920s

Herskovits, Melville and Frances
Trinidad, Haiti, Brazil, 1941-1942

Hickerson, Joseph C.
Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., 1963-1967

Hoffmann, Frank
Pennsylvania, late 1950s

Hofmann, Charles
New York, 1947
Wisconsin, 1948
See also Botkin

Howard, Dorothy
Maryland, 1940s

Hunter, Max
Arkansas, Missouri, 1950s
See also University of Arkansas

Hurston, Zora Neale
Florida, 1940
See also Barnicle

Hyatt, Harry M.
Negro healers, 1930s-early 1940s

Insko, Wyatt
Kentucky, 1954

Ives, Burl
Radio programs, 1940s and 1950s

Jabbour, Alan
North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, 1965-1968
Pennsylvania, 1970

Jackson, Bruce
Texas, 1964-1966

Jackson, George Pullen
Alabama, Kentucky, with Alan Lomax, 1942

James, Thelma
Detroit, 1949

James, Willis L.
Georgia, wth Lewis Jones, 1943.

Jones, Lewis
Mississippi, with John Work and Alan Lomax, 1941-1943
See also Willis James and Sterling Brown

Jones, Louis C.
New York, 1940s

Karpeles, Maud
Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, with Sidney Robertson Cowell, 1950

Kennedy, Stetson
Florida, 1939-1940

King, Bernice M.
Pueblo Indians, 1933

Kirstein, Lincoln
See Doyle

Korson, George
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky coal miners, 1940s, 1950s

Korson, Rae
Various singers, Washington, D.C., 1940s, 1950s, 1960s

Krader, Barbara
Yugoslavia, Albania, late 1950s

La Flesche, Francis
Osage Indians, 1910-1920

Leach, MacEdward
Virginia, with Horace P. Beck, 1950s
Cape Breton, ca. 1950
Newfoundland, 1950-51

Lee, Hector
Utah, Mormons, 1940s

Lewis, Roscoe
Virginia Negroes, late 1930s, early 1940s

Lieurance, Thurlow
American Indians, ca. 1915

Linscott, Eloise
New England, 1941

Linscano, Juan
Venezuela, 1940s

Lloyd, A. L.
England, 1963

Lomax, Alan
Haiti, 1937
Kentucky, 1937
Ohio, Indiana, 1937, 1938
Jelly Roll Morton, 1938, 1939
Michigan, 1938
Aunt Molly Jackson, NYC, 1939
Virginia, with Pete Seeger, 1939
Woody Guthrie, 1940
North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, with Joseph Liss and Jerome Wiesner, 1941
Various singers, Washington, D.C., 1937-1942
See also Barnicle, Flanders, George P. Jackson, and Lewis Jones

Lomax, Alan and John A.
Southern states, 1933-1935

Lomax, John A.
Southwest, 1935, 1936
Southern states, 1936, 1937, 1939, 1940
Texas, 1941, 1942, 1946

Lomax, John A., Jr.
See Pete Seeger

Lord, Albert

Lukoff, Fred
Iroquois Indians, 1948, 1950

Lumholtz, Carl
Mexico, 1898

Lummis, Charles
California, 1904-1905
Southwest Indians, 1903-1908

McAllester, David P.
Navajo Indians, 1957-1958

McClellan, Catherine
See De Laguna

McClintock, Walter
Blackfoot Indians, 1898

McNeil, Brownie
Texas, 1942

Mason, John Alden
Mexican Indians, 1948-1954

Matthews, Washington
Navajo Indians, ca. 1900

Mayo, Margot
Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, 1946

Meade, Guthrie T.
Indiana, Kentucky, 1950s

Michelson, Truman
Fox, Shawnee Indians, 1910s

Miller, Marvin A.
See University of Arkansas

Mooney, Charles and James
American Indian Ghost Dance Songs, 1894

Morris, Alton C.
Florida, 1937, 1939-1940

Moser, Artus
North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, 1942-1946

Mountford, C. P.
Australia, ca. 1945

Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
California Indians, 1902-1929

Notopolous, James A.
Greece, 1950s

Odell, Scott
Virginia, North Carolina, 1964-1965

O'Hara, Geoffrey
Navajo Indians, 1914

Olbrechts, Franz
Cherokee Indians, 1926-1930

Olson, Eric
North Carolina, 1968-1969

Oster, Harry
Louisiana, Mississippi, 1957-1963
Iowa, 1965-1966

Owen, Blanton
North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, 1968-1969
Georgia, Tennessee, 1970

Parler, Mary C.
See University of Arkansas

Patterson, Daniel
North Carolina, 1950s-1970

Pawlowska, Harriet, and Edmund Zawacki
Polish in Wisconsin, 1940s

Peabody Museum, Harvard University
American Indian
See Dixon, Fewkes, Gilman, Matthews, and Spinden

Perdue, Charles L.
Georgia, 1962
Virginia, 1969-1970

Peter, Prince of Greece
Tibet, ca. 1950

Phonotheque Nationale, Paris
France and French Colonies

Pinto, Abraham
Morocco, 1966

Pompey, Sherman Lee.
Ozarks, 1960

Rael, Juan B.
New Mexico, Colorado, 1940

Randle, Martha Champion
Iroquois Indians, 1936

Randolph, Vance
Ozarks, 1941-1943

Ray, Nicholas
South Dakota, 1939

Rhodes, Willard
American Indians, 1940-1949

Rinzler, Ralph
Louisiana, 1964-1966
Cape Breton, Newfoundland, 1964, 1966

Ritchie, Jean
Kentucky, ca. 1950

Robb, J. D.
New Mexico, Arizona, 1942-1957

Roberts, Helen H.
American Indian, 1926-1934
Hawaii, 1923

Rosellini, James
Upper Volta, 1969-1970

Rubin, Ruth
Jewish immigrants, 1947-1964

Scancarelli, James
North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, 1964-1969

Schaeffer, Myron B.
Panama, 1942-1944

Seeger, Charles
West Virginia, Washington, D.C., 1936
South Carolina

Seeger, Pete
Texas, with John A. Lomax, Jr., 1951
See also Alan Lomax

Sherrard, William J.
New Hampshire, 1966-1968

Smith, Caldwell P.
Uganda, 1954

Smith, Maurice G.
Kiowa, Apache, Comanche Indians, 1920s [?]

Smith, Nikol
Surinam, 1941

Sonkin, Robert
California, with Charles Todd, 1940-1941
New York, with Charles Todd, 1941
Alabama, 1941

Southwest Museum
American Indians, 1930s

Spinden, Herbert J.
Nez Perce Indians, 1907

Stonehill, Ben
New York City Jewish, 1948

Stratman-Thomas, Helene
See University of Wisconsin

Sue, Hiroko
Hare Indians, 1962

Swadesh, Morris
Nootka and Makah Indians

Tallmadge, William H.
Kentucky, 1968

Thieme, Darius L.
Nigeria, 1964-1966

Thomas, Jean
Kentucky, 1934

Todd, Charles
See Sonkin

University of Arizona
Arizona, 1948-1950

University of Arkansas
Arkansas, Missouri, 1949-1964

University of Wisconsin
Wisconsin, 1940-1941, 1946

Valliant, Margaret
Florida, 1936
Arizona, California, Georgia, 1939

Von Hornbostel, Erich M.

Wallace, Anthony F. C.
Iroquois Indians, 1948-1949

Walton, Ivan
Michigan, 1938, 1940

Warner, Frank
New Hampshire, 1940-1941
North Carolina, 1940-1944
New York, 1941-1949

Waterman, Richard A.
Puerto Rico, 1946

Welliver, Harry
Michigan, 1948

Willets, Jane
Ottawa Indians, 1947

Work, John
Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, 1940-1942
See also Lewis Jones

Yurchenco, Henrietta
Mexico, Guatemala, 1944-1946

Zawacki, Edmund
See Pawloska


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