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Finding Aids to Collections Organized by Topic in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Elizabeth Gamble
Series Editor: Joseph C. Hickerson

Publication Date: February 1978

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFS 11-17, 20-21, 24-43, 79-83, 85, 111-113: Discs recorded by John A. Lomax in southern United States. Cajun music: New Iberia, Kaplan, Crowley, and Erath, Louisiana. 1934.

AFS 889-893, 939, 944: Discs recorded by John A. Lomax in New Orleans, Louisiana. 1937.

AFS 1757, 1761-1762: Discs recorded by Alan and Elizabeth Lomax, Ft. Wayne and Vincennes, Indiana. 1938.

AFS 2425-2430, 2435-2438, 2440, 2445-2466: Discs recorded by Alan Lomax in northern Michigan. 1938.

AFS 3119-3134: Discs recorded by Herbert Halpert. Some French from New Orleans, Louisiana. 1939.

AFS 3990-3991: Discs recorded by John A. and Ruby T. Lomax. Some Cajun from Shreveport and New Roads, Louisiana. 1940.

AFS 4423-4426: Five 12-inch acetate discs. French-Canadian folksongs recorded by Station CKAC, Montreal, Canada. 1941.

AFS 4998, 4999: Discs recorded by Robert Draves in Wisconsin for the University of Wisconsin. 1941.

AFS 6110-6143: Thirty-four 16-inch discs. Recorded in Quebec by Dr. C. Marius Barbeau. 1916.

AFS 7103, 7113, 7114, 7125A: Discs recorded by Helen Creighton in Nova Scotia. 1943-44.

AFS 7651-7652: Two 16-inch discs. French Acadian folksongs, Indian songs and Copper Eskimo songs. Sung by Madame Juliette Gaultier de la Verendrye, with table harp and drum, at the Library of Congress Recording Laboratory. Accessioned 1945.

AFS 8388-8393, 8446-8449A: Disc recordings of folk music of Wisconsin made by the University of Wisconsin. Recorded by Aubrey Snyder, Phyllis Pinkerton, and Helene Stratman-Thomas (Blotz). Accessioned 1948.

AFS 9092: Twenty-three 12-inch discs. Folk music and folklore from the New York City area recorded by the New York Public Library Recording Project. Includes some French-language songs. Accessioned 1948.

AFS 9135-9139: Six 16-inch discs. Lecture by Dr. C. Marius Barbeau on Canadian-French and Indian Folk Music, at the Library of Congress. Accessioned 1948.

AFS 9247-9290: Discs recorded by Helen Creighton in Nova Scotia. 1948. Includes some French.

AFS 9590-9595: Six 16-inch discs. Cajun music collected in Southwestern Louisiana. William A. Owens Duplication Project. 1948 or before.

AFS 9974-9978: Five reels of 7-inch single-track tape. Traditional French ceremony (New Year's Eve) recorded by John W. Allen for the Southern Illinois University Museum. Accessioned 1950.

AFS 10,494: One reel of 7-inch single-track tape. French Voyageur songs recorded by Mrs. Mary Agnes Starr. Accessioned 1952. Sung by Reuben Valley (100 years old) of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

AFS 10,942: One reel of 7-inch tape. Acadian folksongs from Louisiana sung by John Dubois. Recorded at the Library of Congress. Accessioned 1956.

AFS 12,594: One reel of 7-inch tape. Negro-French folksongs from Louisiana. Recorded by Harry Oster of the University of Iowa. 1963.

AFS 13,681-13,702: Twenty-two 10-inch double track reel tapes at 7.5 ips. Cajun music from Louisiana, Scottish-Gaelic from Nova Scotia, ballads from Newfoundland. Ralph Rinzler Duplication Project. Accessioned 1969.

AFS 13,992-14,021: Includes thirty-one items in French from the National Federation of Music Clubs collection. Recorded by Mrs. Mary Agnes Starr, Wisconsin, 1963.

AFS 15,075-15,076: Two 10-inch double track tapes at 7.5 ips. Includes Negro-French music from Louisiana, recorded by Ralph Rinzler. Ca. 1964.

AFS 15,110: One 7-inch tape ST 7.5 ips. Old Christmas, Song of the Three Kings. Recorded by John W. Allen in Illinois. Accessioned 1960.

AFS 15,402: One 7-inch tape FT at 7.5 ips. John Dubois singing Acadian-French folksongs with Bunyan Webb on guitar. Accessioned 1973.

AFS 16,336-16,978: Six hundred forty-three acetate discs. Music of the Peoples of Canada. Recorded 1941-42 in Illinois, Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Manitoba, and NW Territories by Laura Boulton. Includes some French.

AFS 16,984-16,994: Eleven 10-inch DT tapes at 7.5 ips. Fiddle tunes recorded by Chris Delaney in Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Includes Cajun music and copies of old hillbilly 78's. Accessioned 1973.

AFS 17,473: One 7-inch FT tape at 15 ips. Jolly Boys of Lafayette, LA, recorded by Decca Co. No 542A. Accessioned 1975.


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   May 15, 2015
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