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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Daniel Schultz
Series Editor: Ann Hoog

Revised: December 2012

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1940/001: W.P.A. California Folk Music Project Collection, 1938-1940
Two hundred thirty-nine discs and numerous photographs, drawings, transcriptions, correspondence, and manuscripts documenting 17 ethnic groups recorded in northern California folk music by Sidney Robertson Cowell for the Northern California Work Projects Administration (WPA). The project was sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, and co-sponsored by Library's Archive of American Folk Song. (includes AFS 3342-3377; 3809-3880; 4194-4325) [catalog record] [online presentation]

Note: Includes Icelandic recordings and photographs recorded in Carmel, Berkeley, and San Francisco, California, singing unaccompanied rímur, hymns, and immigrant songs in Icelandic and English.

AFC 1940/013: University of Wisconsin Folk Music Recording Project
Thirty-five 12-inch discs of field recordings of instrumental music, folk songs, and religious songs, with some loggers' oral history and poetry, in nine languages, representing a number of ethnic groups in Wisconsin. Instrumental music includes fiddle tunes; marches and folk tunes played on a Swiss zither and other instruments; Bohemian dance music including polkas and waltzes; songs include ballads in English and Icelandic; lumberjack songs; miner's songs; bawdy songs; Civil War songs; folk songs from Kentucky; folk songs and sacred choral music sung in Welsh and in English at the Cymanfa Ganu in Pickett, Wisconsin; Finnish and Swedish folk songs accompanied by piano; and Bohemian, Belgian, and Dutch folk songs. The collection includes lists of song titles, performers, and some ethnological notes. Recorded in Wisconsin by Robert F. Draves and Helene Stratman-Thomas (Blotz) from August 19-September 5, 1940, for the University of Wisconsin and the Archive of Folk Song at the Library of Congress. (AFS 4159-4193) [catalog record]

AFC 1972/015: Amanda M. Burt Collection of Icelandic Folk Music
One 5-inch tape of Icelandic rímur, skandera, and tvísöngur performed by Margret Hjálmarsdottir and her husband, Hörthur Bjarnasson. Includes the collector's notes and correspondence regarding the donation. Recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, by Amanda M. Burt, 1971. [catalog record]

AFC 1972/033: Amanda M. Burt Collection of Icelandic Folk Music, part 2
Two 5-inch tapes of field recordings made at various locations in Iceland, including the Reykjavík Art Festival, and homes of various speakers and performers by Amanda M. Burt, accompanied on some visits by folklorist Hallfreaur Orn Eiriksson in June 1972. Rikarur Johnsson, a noted sculptor and woodcarver, provided a copy of recordings of his performances of folk songs made about 40 years earlier, which were duplicated by Amada M. Burt and included in this collection. (AFS 15,100-15,101) (LWO 7024) [catalog record]

AFS 15,609-15,610: Amanda M. Burt / Icelandic Folksongs
Two 7-inch tapes of Icelandic folk music recorded by Hallfredus Orn Eiriksson and Amanda M. Burt, 1968 and 1973. (LWO 7405)

AFS 17,025-17,026: Amanda M. Burt / Icelandic Folk Music
One 3-inch tape of Icelandic folk music recorded by Amanda Burt, 1974. (LWO 7897)

AFC 1988/036: Good Yule: Nordic Christmas Celebrations
Manuscripts documenting a lecture and workshop on traditional ornaments of the Nordic Christmas season by Richard H. Hulan, December 15, 1988. Demonstrations of Danish folded paper, Finnish tied straw, Swedish woven wheat ornaments, with additional contributions of Norwegian rosemaling and Icelandic enameled dough.


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   May 15, 2015
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