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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: September 2013

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1950/037: Cyrus B. Koonce collection
Nine 7-inch tapes of a Holiness church service, including hymns, preaching, and testimony; instrumentals, monologues, poetry, and songs, recorded in Asheville, Comfort, and Seven Springs, songs sung by Vernon R. Lyons, a North Carolina native, recorded in Clintwood, Virginia, and songs sung by Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Edmond, Mrs. L.V. Phillips, and Miss Tessy, of North Carolina, recorded in Washington, D.C., by Cyrus B. Koonce, 1949. The collection includes 15 pages of collection lists. Includes recordings of the 22nd Annual Mountain Dance and Folk Festival and instrumentals played on the zither by Romanian refugees in North Carolina. (AFS 9988-9997)

AFC 1951/034: Musee de l'Homme / Rumanian Music
Four discs of Rumanian (in album) music acquired in an exchange from the Musee de l'Homme in Paris, France. Recorded ca. 1950s. (AFS 10206-10209) (preservation tape LWO 5111 reels 291B-292A)

AFC 1976/011: Pekka Gronow and Richard K. Spottwood / Commercial 78 rpm International Music Collection
Two 7-inch tapes of dance tunes, humor, and songs, mostly immigrant and non-English language material, compiled from 78 rpm commercial recordings of Armenian, Finnish, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Sicilian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Yugoslavian material. Gift of Pekka Gronow to Richard K. Spottswood, project coordinator for the Archive of Folk Song's "Folk Music in America" bicentennial series of recordings, for consideration for the series. The collection includes correspondence between Gronow and Spottswood (1975) and a list of the source recordings. (AFS 18,000-18,001) [catalog record]

AFC 1973/028: Laura Boulton Recordings, 1949-1962

Laura Boulton Collection Part 23
Three-hundred and forty-four 7-inch tapes, 22 5-inch tapes and 1 3-inch tape of instrumentals and songs recorded in Africa, Europe, Far East, Latin America, Middle East, Near East, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia by Laura Boulton, 1949-61. The collection includes 1/3 linear inch of articles, correspondence, and lists.

AFS 18,408-18,434: Twenty-six tapes containing vocal and instrumental music. Recorded in Sibiel, Rasinari, and Putna Monastery region, Romania, and recordings from the government archives, ca. 1959.

AFC 1980/028: Katalin Kiss-Balazs / Hungarian Song Project
One audiocassette of 32 Hungarian songs sung by Katalin Kiss-Balazs of the Kodaly Center of America, West Newton, Massachusetts. The songs are from Bekes, Somogy, and Tolna counties of Hungary; Bukovina and Csik counties of Romania; and Nyitra county of Slovakia. The collection includes one quarter linear inch of musical and textual notations.

AFC 1990/022: Gheorghe and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz Collection
Manuscript materials, audio recordings, graphic materials, and moving images that document primarily Romanian folk dance and music. Materials span 1938-1974, and 1995. Bulk of fieldwork materials covers Romanian dance tunes, songs, and ballads performed by singers, musicians, and ensembles from all regions of Romania and from Yugoslavian Banat. Also includes Turkish music from Dobrudja and dervish ceremonies from Anatolia, as well as folk and classical music recorded in India. This is a collection of traditional folk dance music which serves as a basis for the choreographies of their government-sponsored performance ensembles. Materials documenting Romanian costume, rituals, and customs areincluded. Music arrangements, choreographic diagrams, photographs, and show programs document activities of the Ciocirlia and Perinitza Ensembles. The collection also provides insight into the lives of the Popescu-Judetzes through manuscript and photographic documentation of their work as ethnographers, dancers, choreographers, and teachers. [catalog record] [finding aid]

AFC 1995/008: Judit Elek / Maramaros (Transylvanian) Chasidic Folk Music Collection
Four score notebooks (approx. 155 Hungarian Chasidic songs) ; 2 sets of transliterated song texts: Yiddish/Hebrew and Yiddish/Hungarian (one set is M. Eizikovit's narrative of his collecting experiences-13 pages; the other is J. Elek's proposal-8 pages). Songs collected in Maramaros, Hungary (presently Romania), 1938-39.

AFC 2000/015: Andriy Milavsky / Cheres Collection
One videocassette entitled Cheres: A Carpathian Folk Ensemble, featuring the group Cheres performing folk music of the Carpathian region, specifically Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova, as well as Gypsy and Jewish tunes. Cheres was founded by Andriy Milavsky in 1990 and performs primarily in the New York City area. Produced in New York City with some clips from Ukraine. The collection includes two publicity photos and five pages of correspondence, a biography of the group, a log, and a concert flier.

AFC 2004/004: Alan Lomax collection
One thousand six hundred linear feet (appx. 650 linear feet manuscripts; 6,400 sound recordings; 5,500 graphic images; 6,000 moving images) of material created and collected by Alan Lomax and others in their work documenting song, music, dance, and body movement from many cultures. Includes field recordings and photographs Lomax made in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, England, France, Georgia, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, the United States, and Wales, 1930s-2004. [catalog record]


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