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The ISMN should appear on the published item itself and should always be printed in easily legible type (9 point or larger).  A publisher may also choose to display the ISMN in barcode form.  The 13-digit ISMN is identical with the Bookland EAN number, for barcoding purposes.

13-digit ISMN printed on a barcodeThe ISMN should be printed on the back of a score or a part.

If it is not possible to print the ISMN on the back of a score or a part, it should be printed in some other prominent position (e.g., at the bottom of the first page of music).

When the item is an anthology, the ISMN of the anthology must be clearly distinguished from any other ISMN that may be printed on individual items contained in the anthology.

A complete list of the ISMN assigned to all constituent parts of a publication should be displayed on at least one of the items. Each ISMN should be followed by a brief description of the numbered part. If possible, an identical list should be displayed on one or more other items as well.

ISMN 979-0-53001-000-6 (score)
ISMN 979-0-53001-001-3 (vocal score)
ISMN 979-0-53001-002-0 (set of parts)

ISMN 979-0-706001-00-5 (score, bound)
ISMN 979-0-706001-01-2 (score, paperback)

ISMN 979-0-9001301-0-5 (set)
ISMN 979-0-9001301-1-2 (volume 1)
ISMN 979-0-9001301-2-9 (volume 2)
ISMN 979-0-9001301-3-6 (volume 3)

If a set of parts is distributed in a wrapper, the ISMN for the set should be printed on the wrapper. If the parts are available individually, the ISMN of all individual parts should also be given on the wrapper.

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