Format Books
Manuscripts/Mixed Material
Contributors Jurjānī, IsmāʻĪl Ibn Ḥasan
Dates 1677
Location Washington D.C.
Language Arabic
Subjects Manuscripts, Arabic
Medicine, Arab
Washington (D.C.)
Kitab zubdat al
Other Title
كتاب زبدة الطب /
Contributor Names
Jurjānī, Ismāʻīl ibn Ḥasan, 1042 or 1043-1136 or 1137.
Created / Published
25 Shaʻbān 1088 H [22 October 1677].
Subject Headings
-  Medicine, Arab
-  Manuscripts, Arabic--Washington (D.C.)
-  Ms.
-  Arabic.
-  Paper: yellowed cream, of varying thickness, some with watermarks, damaged by termites; pages repaired. Red and black ink on title page and in text; few diacritical marks. The text is framed by a single red line; many tables written veritically or horizontally. Catchwords at bottom of rectos.
-  Library of Congress. Arabic manuscripts, SM-5. DLC
-  Fihris al-makhṭūṭāt al-ʻArabīyah fī maktabat al-Kūngris, 10.
-  Text is an Arabic medical treatise in fomat of a symoptic chart in two parts: the first is devoted to theoretical medicine and discusses diagnosis by means of the pulse and urine; the second discusses anatomy and the treatment of disease. The second part is divided into 20 chapters and deals systematically with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and the treatment of disease.
-  The first part of the manuscript contains nine essays in 51 leaves, followed by Tash ́rīh aʻḍāʼ badan (anatomy of the human body; fol. 51a-98a); and Kitāb al- ḥummayāt (fevers; 98b-123a). The second part includes al-Muʻālajāt (medications), 20 essays on fol.123b-229a: al-Awrām (tumors), 6 essays (fol. 229b-240a); al-Zīnah (fol. 240a-246b) and al-Sumūm (toxins), 6 essays (fol. 247a-257b)
-  Naskhi script, with headings in thuluth; 18-33 lines in written area, 21 x 12 cm.
-  Fol. 1a-258a.
-  Names of former owners ʻUmar ibn ʻUthmān and Maḥmūd ibn Ḥasan al-Yamanī (?) on title page. Other partially erased ownership signatures on title page.
-  Binding: old red leather decorated with blind tooling; repaired.
-  Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress website.
-  Incipit: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم أما بعد حمد الله تعالى والثناء عليه والصلوة على رسوله المصطفى ونبيه المجتبى وعلى آله وأصحابه، فاعلم أن مبنى الطبيب مدار أمره وعلى معرفة حالتي بدن الإنسان من الصحة والمرض، ولا يتم معرفتها والاستدلال على كل واحد منهما إلا بمعرفة النبض والتنفس ومعرفة أحوال الأبوال والأتفال والعرق والنفث ...
257 leaves (18-33 lines), bound : paper ; 29 X 20 cm.
Call Number
R128.3 .J87 1677
Digital Id
amed0001 200149110
amed0001 200149110
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