Audio Recordings Improvised Coplas w/valse de cadena melody (Improvised Couplets w/chain waltz melody) [Audio]

Format Audio Recordings
Contributors Chavez, Adelaido
Chavez, Adolfo
Mares, Remigio
Dates 1940
Language Castilian
Subjects Antonito, Colorado
Instrumentation: Violin, Guitar
Violin, Guitar
Improvised Coplas w/valse de cadena melody (Improvised Couplets w/chain waltz melody) [Audio]
Contributor Names
Mares, Remigio; vocal (performer)
Chavez, Adelaido; violin (performer)
Chavez, Adolfo; guitar (performer)
Created / Published
None, 1940-08-04.
Subject Headings
-  instrumentation: Violin, guitar
-  Copla
-  Recording log notes: Mr. Mares, age 42, is a resident of Lobatos, Colorado. He does not know how to read or write, but has the gift of improvising his songs as he sings. He always gets the correct number of syllables to the line as well as the right rhyme. Played by Adelaido Chavez, 68, violinist, resident of Antonito, Colorado, and his brother Adolfo Chavez, 65, guitarist and resident of Romeo, Colorado.
-  Transcription: Ave María dijo un ave/pa' comenzar a volar,/Ave María digo yo/pa' comenzar a cantar./El Señor Julián Lovato,/un hombre muy bien llevado,/residente de San Luis,/es nativo del Colorado./El Señor Ben Espinosa,/¿cuándo se me ha de olvidar?/Suelto al lado de su esposa/y aquí lo voy a mentar./Dicen que tiene por nombre/y López por más grandeza,/es destenguido tu nombre/de los pies a la cabeza./Pues ese nombre de Juan,/un nombre de buen sentido,/un hombre muy caballero/ya aquí les hace sonido./El Señor Ramón Trujillo,/escuche, le voy a hablar,/siento lo que ha pasado/no he podido de terminar. /Suerte te dé, don Juan Rael,/aquí lo voy a mentar,/un hombre muy caballero/y en el que otro no más./Juanito tiene por nombre/y Rael es su apelativo,/un hombre de educación /y tiene muy buen sentido.
-  Transcription: English Translation
-  Transcription: Ave María said a bird/to begin to fly,/Ave María say I /to begin to sing. /Mister Julián Lobato,/a man who carries himself well,/a resident of San Luis,/he's a native of Colorado./Mister Ben Espinosa,/how can I ever forget him?/Free at the side of his wife,/Here I will mention him./They say he has as his name/López for even more greatness,/his name is distinguished/from head to foot./Well that name of Juan,/a name of good meaning,/a man very much a gentleman/who is heard from here./Mister Ramón Trujillo,/listen, I will speak to you,/I am sorry what has happened,/I have been unable to finish./May you have luck, don Juan Rael,/here will I mention him,/a man very much a gentleman/what other can compare with him?/Johnny he has as his name/and Rael for his last name,/a man of learning/who has good sense.
-  In Spanish. (language)
-  Also included in The Juan B. Rael Collection. (exhibitions)
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1 sound disc : analog ; 12 in.
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