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-  Records by Sophie Tucker of orig cast. "He's a Good Man to Have Around" (1929: 78/Vic 21994, ALB-17, ALB-1348, ALB-1770) "I'm the Last of the Red Hot Mammas" (1929: 78/Vic 21994, ALB-148, ALB-539, ALB-1755) "I'm Doin' What I'm Doin' for Love," "I'm Feathering a Nest" (1929: 78/Vic 21993) "I Don't Want to Get Thin" (1929: 78/Vic 21995) "Some of These Days" (1911: CYL/Edison 4M-691, ALB-935, ALB-1538, ALB-2347, ALB-2366) (1926: 78/Col 826-D, ALB-168, ALB-185, ALB-1410, ALB-1527, ALB-1770) (1927: 78/Okeh mx 81305, ALB-52, ALB-1251) (1929: 78/Vic 22049, ALB-1247. Incomplete: ALB-1218.) (1930s, radio: ALB-332) (1937, with Harry Sosnik Orch: 78/Dec 1472, ALB-187) (1944 radio, with Tommy Dorsey Orch: 78/V-Disc 358) (1947, with Bob Haggart Orch: 78/Dec 24289, ALB-186, ALB-187, ALB-297, ALB-1016) (1953: ALB-184, ALB-2366) (1957: ALB-2366) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  Soundtrack. VOCALS: Sophie Tucker. "Some of These Days" (ALB-751, ALB-1084, ALB-1625) "I'm the Last of the Red Hot Mammas" (ALB-751, ALB-1084, ALB-1410, ALB-1625) "I'm Feathering a Nest" (ALB-751, ALB-1410) "He's a Good Man to Have Around," "I Don't Want to Get Thin," "Take Off Your Mask and Be Yourself," "I'm Doing What I'm Doing for Love" (ALB-1410) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  Records by Shelton Brooks (composer), piano & vocal. "Some of These Days" (1940: ALB-869) (1941: ALB-1857) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  From: Show Music on Record by Jack Raymond
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