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-  1946 album by Jane Powell of orig cast. MUSIC & WORDS: Various. COND: Carmen Dragon. "Ave Maria," "Les Filles de Cadiz," "I Think of You," "Italian Street Song" (78/Col album X-271, titled "Songs by Jane Powell;" ALB-1971. Excerpts: "Les Filles de Cadiz" (ALB-2019) "I Think of You" (ALB-2018).) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  Soundtrack. MUSIC & WORDS: Various. COND: George Stoll. CAST: Jane Powell, Walter Pidgeon, Ilona Massey, Jose Iturbi (piano), Xavier Cugat Orch. (CD/Promo Sound(I) 60036, with A Week-End in Havana. Excerpts: Powell (vocal) & Iturbi (piano): "I Think of You" (ALB-281) Cugat Orch: "Walter Winchell Rhumba" (ALB-1803, ALB-1834) "Yo te amo mucho" (ALB-1803) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  Records by Xavier Cugat Orch of orig prod. "Walter Winchell Rhumba," "Oye Negra" (1945: 78/Col 36902) "Yo te amo mucho" (1946: 78/Col 37163) "You, So It's You!" (1946, with Dinah Shore: 78/Col 37090) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  1975 record by Jane Powell of orig cast. "I Think of You" (ALB-1347) (Production and Recordings Information)
-  From: Show Music on Record by Jack Raymond
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