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Cal Stewart

Cal Stewart (1856–1919) may have been the most famous comedian on phonograph records made prior to 1920. On nearly all his records he portrayed an unsophisticated but highly observant "rube," or rural Yankee, named Josh Weathersby, more familiarly known as "Uncle Josh." The fictitious Josh, a resident of Pumpkin Center, could be found in all sorts of comic situations, from suddenly being propelled into society to dealing with new-fangled contraptions such as the automobile, airplane, or Victrola. Stewart made his first recordings for Berliner Records around 1897 and was soon recording for nearly every company in existence. Stewart began recording for Victor Records in 1901.

The following recordings featuring Cal Stewart are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Speaker Train time at Pun'kin Centre Male vocal solo, with male vocal quartet Cal Stewart 1919-07-14
Speaker Uncle Josh on an automobile Monologue Cal Stewart
Speaker Uncle Josh's huskin' bee dance Monologue Cal Stewart 1902-07-22
Speaker Uncle Josh buys a Victrola Monologue Cal Stewart 1919-08-11
Speaker Uncle Josh and the honey bees Monologue Cal Stewart 1919-06-27
Speaker Uncle Josh in the cafeteria Monologue Cal Stewart 1919-06-13
Speaker Opera at Pun'kin Centre Monologue Cal Stewart 1919-06-13
Speaker Uncle Josh in a street car Monologue Cal Stewart 1903-05-22
Speaker Uncle Josh Weathersby in society Monologue Cal Stewart 1901-02-08
Speaker Uncle Josh Weathersby on a bicycle Monologue Cal Stewart 1901-02-08