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The following recordings featuring William H. Reitz are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Bells Dreamy eyes Baritone vocal solo, with bells and orchestra George MacFarlane 1915-02-02
Instrumentalist - Bells Where the bee sucks Male vocal solo, with harp, cello, and bells Reinald Werrenrath 1914-07-02
Instrumentalist - Bells Dream visions : Intermezzo Instrumental quartet, with bells Florentine Quartet 1914-12-22
Instrumentalist - Bells The maiden's prayer Instrumental trio, with bells Neapolitan Trio; William H. Reitz 1914-10-06
Instrumentalist - Bells Evening bells Instrumental trio, with bells Venetian Trio 1915-03-22
Instrumentalist - Bells The first heart throbs Orchestra bells solo, with cello obligato William H. Reitz 1912-11-11
Instrumentalist - Bells Spoontime two-step Bells solo ( William H. Reitz 1913-02-05
Instrumentalist - Bells La pepita : Intermezzo Band, with bells solo Vessella's Italian Band 1912-11-07
Instrumentalist - Bells Stephanie gavotte Bells solo, with orchestra William H. Reitz 1912-12-03
Instrumentalist - Bells Dov'รจ l'Indiana bruna? Soprano vocal solo, with orchestra and bells Luisa Tetrazzini 1913-02-18