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Fred Van Eps

Fred Van Eps (1878–1960) taught himself five-string banjo after becoming acquainted with early brown wax cylinders by banjoist Vess L. Ossman. Van Eps recorded his own homemade cylinders for use as audition material in 1897 and secured a job recording professionally the following year. Van Eps developed into a first-rate technician, his playing always extremely clean and precise. He ultimately recorded for nearly every recording concern in existence well into the 1920s.

The following recordings featuring Fred Van Eps are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Banjo Maurice tango Banjo solo, with orchestra Fred Van Eps 1912-07-08
Instrumentalist - Banjo On the Dixie Highway Instrumental trio Van Eps Trio 1916-12-20
Instrumentalist - Banjo Omena intermezzo Banjo solo Fred Van Eps 1912-05-01
Instrumentalist - Banjo Razzberries Instrumental trio Van Eps Trio 1917-08-13
Instrumentalist - Banjo Ching-chong Instrumental trio Van Eps Trio 1917-08-13
Instrumentalist - Banjo My mammy Male vocal quartet, with banjo, violin, and orchestra Peerless Quartet 1921-01-17
Instrumentalist - Banjo Mississippi days Male vocal quartet, with banjo and orchestra Peerless Quartet 1916-08-01
Instrumentalist - Banjo So long Oo-long (how long you gonna be gone?) Instrumental quartet Van Eps Quartet 1920-06-15
Instrumentalist - Banjo Turkey in the straw medley Banjo solo, with piano Fred Van Eps 1920-09-22
Instrumentalist - Banjo Dixie girl march Instrumental trio Plantation Trio [i.e., Van Eps Trio] 1920-11-06