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The following recordings featuring Victor Herbert are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Babes in Toyland march Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra [i.e., Pryor's Orchestra] 1904-06-28
Composer Gypsy love song Male vocal solo, with orchestra Eugene Cowles 1906-05-04
Composer Al fresco : Intermezzo Instrumental trio Ossman-Dudley Trio 1906-01-24
Composer The only girl Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra 1915-02-09
Composer Ticking love taps Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra 1915-02-09
Composer Mlle. Modiste waltzes Orchestra Victor Orchestra 1906-10-11
Composer When you're away! Female vocal solo, with orchestra Olive Kline 1914-12-07
Composer I can't do that sum Male vocal solo and male vocal quartet, with orchestra S. H. Dudley; Haydn Quartet 1904-03-25
Composer Babes in Toyland medley Banjo duet, with piano Vess L. Ossman; Parke Hunter 1904-04-07
Composer Prima donna : Selection Band Arthur Pryor's Band 1909-04-01