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The following recordings featuring Herbert L. Clarke are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Conductor Semper fidelis march Band Sousa's Band 1904-12-12
Conductor Valse bleue Band Sousa's Band 1905-10-26
Conductor Gralsritter march Band Sousa's Band 1904-12-14
Conductor The sea-shell waltz Band, with trombone solo Victor Band 1904-12-21
Conductor Les patineurs waltz Band Sousa's Band 1905-10-27
Conductor The diplomat Concert band Sousa's Band 1904-12-06
Conductor Amoureuse waltz Band Sousa's Band 1909-12-31
Conductor Amoureuse Military band Sousa's Band 1905-06-14
Conductor Prize song Concert band Sousa's Band 1905-06-13
Conductor Ruy Blas overture Concert band Sousa's Band 1905-09-08