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The following recordings featuring Francis J. Lapitino are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Harp Fantasia Harp solo Francis J. Lapitino 1915-11-16
Instrumentalist - Harp Spring song Instrumental trio Neapolitan Trio 1913-06-23
Instrumentalist - Harp Out of the cradle (into my heart) Male vocal trio, with cello, harp, and orchestra Sterling Trio 1916-10-09
Instrumentalist - Harp An album leaf Instrumental quartet Florentine Quartet 1914-06-03
Instrumentalist - Harp Tales of Hoffmann : Barcarolle Violin solo, with piano and harp Maud Powell 1914-06-25
Instrumentalist - Harp Forget me not intermezzo Instrumental trio, with bells Venetian Trio 1915-05-05
Instrumentalist - Harp At the brook Violin solo, with harp Maud Powell 1914-06-24
Instrumentalist - Harp Mattinata Boy soprano vocal solo, with harp and orchestra William Pickels 1915-10-18
Instrumentalist - Harp When the roses bloom Male vocal solo, with harp Lambert Murphy 1916-11-02
Instrumentalist - Harp Fedora gavotte Instrumental trio, with celeste Neapolitan Trio 1915-03-12