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The following recordings featuring Jean Schwartz are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Where the red, red roses grow Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Helen Clark; Walter Van Brunt 1913-06-06
Composer The great one-step Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra 1913-04-28
Composer In blinky, winky, chinky Chinatown Male vocal quartet, with orchestra Peerless Quartet 1915-09-27
Composer I'm simply crazy over you Male vocal solo, with orchestra Harry Macdonough 1915-09-15
Composer Araby Band Conway's Band 1915-09-24
Composer It's tulip time in Holland Barrel-piano solo Signor "Grinderino" 1915-10-11
Composer Ever since you told me that you loved me Male vocal solo, with orchestra Ed Morton 1913-08-13
Composer I love the ladies Male vocal solo, with orchestra William J. Halley 1914-05-18
Composer Sit down (you're rocking the boat) Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1913-12-09
Composer Mister Dooley Male vocal solo Dan W. Quinn 1903-02-25