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The following recordings featuring Chas. L. Johnson are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Iola Band Sousa's Band 1906-09-05
Composer Iola Male vocal duet, with orchestra Byron G. Harlan; Frank C. Stanley 1907-01-23
Composer Ma pickaninny babe Male vocal duet, with orchestra Will Oakland; Billy Murray 1914-07-06
Composer In the hills of old Kentucky Male vocal duet, with orchestra Henry Burr; Albert Campbell 1914-11-04
Composer Dill pickles rag Band Arthur Pryor's Band 1909-02-08
Composer Tobasco waltz Military band Arthur Pryor's Band 1909-12-08
Composer Croon-time Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Edna Brown [i.e., Elsie Baker]; James Reed [i.e., Reed Miller] 1916-04-06
Composer Dill pickles rag Xylophone solo, with orchestra Chris Chapman 1908-07-15
Composer Crazy bone rag Military band, with xylophone United States Marine Band 1914-03-22
Composer Teasing the cat Instrumental trio Van Eps Trio 1916-12-20