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The following recordings featuring Antonín Dvořák are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Humoresque Whistling solo, with orchestra Charles Kellogg 1915-02-19
Composer Slavonic dance, op. 46, part 1 Band Vessella's Italian Band 1912-11-06
Composer Babylon Male vocal solo, with orchestra Albert Janpolski 1910-09-16
Composer New World symphony : Largo Orchestra Victor Concert Orchestra 1912-12-18
Composer Als die alte Mutter Tenor vocal solo, with orchestra Riccardo Martin 1910-02-24
Composer Slavonic dance no. 2 in E minor Orchestra Victor Concert Orchestra 1917-09-05
Composer Humoresque Orchestra Victor Herbert's Orchestra 1918-05-24
Composer Humoresque Violin solo, with orchestra Maximilian Pilzer 1913-05-07
Composer Go to sleep, my dusky baby Female vocal trio, with orchestra Olive Kline; Elsie Baker; Marguerite Dunlap 1915-08-12
Composer Kukčka valčik Band Kryl's Bohemian Band 1911-05-19