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The following recordings featuring Rosario Bourdon are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Cello Evening chimes Instrumental trio, with bells Venetian Trio 1915-05-21
Instrumentalist - Cello The rosary Instrumental trio, with bells Venetian Trio 1915-11-16
Instrumentalist - Cello Canzonetta String quartet Victor String Quartet 1912-07-25
Instrumentalist - Cello Come unto these yellow sands Male vocal trio, with harp and cello ; Male vocal solo, with harp and cello Reinald Werrenrath; Raymond Dixon [i.e., Lambert Murphy]; William F. Hooley 1915-01-21
Instrumentalist - Cello Berceuse Cello solo, with orchestra Rosario Bourdon 1906-10-10
Instrumentalist - Cello Song to the evening star (Tannhäuser) Orchestra Victor Orchestra 1921-04-19
Instrumentalist - Cello Beautiful Ohio Female vocal duet, with cello and orchestra Olive Kline; Marguerite Dunlap 1919-01-08
Instrumentalist - Cello Mein Herz Contralto vocal solo, with orchestra Ernestine Schumann-Heink
Instrumentalist - Cello The hand of you Female vocal solo, with cello and orchestra Lucy Isabelle Marsh 1921-06-06
Instrumentalist - Cello Feather your nest Male vocal duet, with cello and orchestra Henry Burr; Albert Campbell 1920-11-03