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The following recordings featuring Fred Fisher are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer In my tippy canoe Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo Hackel-Bergè Orchestra ; Arthur Fields 1921-06-07
Composer I found a rose in the Devil's garden Male vocal trio, with trombone, bassoon, and orchestra Sterling Trio 1921-03-30
Composer Oui, oui, Marie Accordion solo Pietro [i.e., Pietro Deiro] 1918-12-13
Composer When the honeymoon was over Male vocal solo, with orchestra Henry Burr 1921-08-09
Composer They go wild, simply wild, over me Female vocal solo, with orchestra Marion Harris 1917-07-12
Composer Ireland must be Heaven for my mother came from there Male vocal solo, with orchestra Charles Harrison 1916-07-19
Composer Oui, oui, Marie Male vocal solo, with orchestra Arthur Fields 1918-09-05
Composer While others are building castles in the air Male vocal solo, with celeste, harp, violin, and orchestra John Steel 1919-09-29
Composer Daddy, you've been a mother to me Male vocal solo, with violin, celeste, and orchestra Henry Burr 1920-02-11
Composer Eyes that say 'I love you' Male vocal duet, with orchestra Jack Kaufman; Irving Kaufman 1919-04-07