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The following recordings featuring Meyer Gorodetzer are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Violin Marimba Male vocal solo, with 3 marimbas, violin, and orchestra Billy Murray 1920-12-21
Instrumentalist - Violin Kentucky home Male vocal quartet and soloist, with violin and orchestra Henry Burr; Peerless Quartet 1921-09-19
Instrumentalist - Violin When the honeymoon was over Male vocal solo, with orchestra Henry Burr 1921-08-09
Instrumentalist - Violin I wonder if you still care for me? Male vocal solo, with violin and orchestra Charles H. Hart 1921-08-30
Instrumentalist - Violin Old pal, why don't you answer me? Male vocal solo, with violin, harp, and orchestra Henry Burr 1920-10-20
Instrumentalist - Violin Remember the rose Male vocal solo, with violin, xylophone, and orchestra Elliott Shaw 1921-08-18
Instrumentalist - Violin Don't throw me down Male vocal solo, with violin, piano, and orchestra Irving Kaufman 1921-09-14
Instrumentalist - Violin Drifting along with the tide Male vocal solo, with 2 violins, oboe, and orchestra Lambert Murphy 1921-10-11
Instrumentalist - Violin A dream of your smile Male vocal solo, with violin, cello, and orchestra Lambert Murphy 1921-10-28
Instrumentalist - Violin Rose-Marie Male vocal solo, with orchestra Lambert Murphy 1924-10-10