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The following recordings featuring Leo Edwards are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer In the days of girls and boys Tenor vocal solo, with orchestra Byron G. Harlan 1911-11-22
Composer There's lots of stations on my railroad track Male vocal solo, with orchestra Ed Morton 1912-03-21
Composer If every star was a little pickaninny Female vocal solo, with orchestra Elida Morris 1912-01-23
Composer Panama Pacific drag Cimbalom solo, with piano Joseph Moskowitz 1916-02-04
Composer My hula maid Male vocal duet, with mandolin and orchestra James F. Harrison [i.e., Frederick Wheeler]; James Reed [i.e., Reed Miller] 1915-06-11
Composer Isle d'amour Female vocal solo, with orchestra Olive Kline 1913-11-24
Composer Isle d'amour Band Victor Band 1913-11-28
Composer Rolling in his little rolling chair Band Conway's Band 1917-07-06
Composer I'm an Indian Female vocal solo, with orchestra Fanny Brice 1921-11-18
Composer Waiting for the dawn and you Male vocal solo, with cello and orchestra Lewis James 1924-04-10