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The following recordings featuring Edgar Leslie are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Lyricist Take your girlie to the movies Tenor vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1919-06-19
Lyricist Oh! What a pal was Mary Male vocal solo, with violin and oboe duet and orchestra Henry Burr 1919-07-23
Lyricist Sweetheart's a pretty name when it's Y-O-U Male vocal quartet, with orchestra Peerless Quartet
Lyricist 'Way down in cotton town Male vocal solo and male vocal quartet, with orchestra Billy Murray; American Quartet
Lyricist The music of wedding chimes Male vocal quartet and soloist, with orchestra Charles H. Hart; Shannon Four 1919-06-30
Lyricist Home in Pasadena Male vocal duet, with orchestra Billy Murray; Ed Smalle 1924-03-12
Lyricist Oh! Eva (ain't you coming out to-night?) Male vocal duet, with orchestra The Happiness Boys 1924-05-06
Lyricist Don't feel sorry for me Male vocal solo, with orchestra Victor Roberts [i.e., Billy Jones] 1922-03-30
Lyricist A sleepy little village (where the Dixie cotton grows) Male vocal duet, with orchestra Billy Murray; Ed Smalle 1922-06-21
Lyricist So this is Venice! Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo and accordion Paul Whiteman Orchestra 1924-01-11