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The following recordings featuring Irving Berlin are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer San Francisco bound Male vocal quartet, with orchestra Peerless Quartet 1913-04-18
Composer We have much to be thankful for Female vocal quartet, with orchestra "That Girl" Quartet 1913-07-18
Composer Minstrel parade Male vocal duet, with orchestra Collins and Harlan 1915-04-28
Composer They've got me doin' it now Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1913-07-23
Composer The old maid's ball Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1913-05-13
Composer Somebody's coming to my house Male vocal solo, with orchestra Walter Van Brunt 1913-06-20
Composer In Florida among the palms Male vocal trio, with orchestra Sterling Trio 1916-08-11
Composer I love to stay at home Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1915-08-30
Composer Down in Chattanooga medley Accordion solo Pietro Deiro 1914-03-27
Composer My Arverne rose Accordion solo Pietro Deiro 1914-04-11