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Arthur Pryor

Arthur Pryor (1870–1942) was considered to be the world's greatest trombone virtuoso when he was soloist with Sousa's Band during the 1890s. His fame grew when he became Sousa's assistant conductor. In1903 he formed his own concert band, which soon became a fixture at venues such as Asbury Park, New Jersey, and Willow Grove Park, near Philadelphia. Pryor recorded copiously for Victor Records both as a trombone soloist and as a conductor. In addition to conducting all of the Pryor's Band and Pryor's Orchestra sessions, he also led many of the Sousa Band sessions for Victor. As a composer, Pryor is best remembered for "The Whistler and His Dog." He also composed many fine marches, intermezzos, and rags.

The following recordings featuring Arthur Pryor are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Trombone Miserere Cornet and trombone duet, with orchestra Arthur Pryor; Walter B. Rogers 1905-01-13
Instrumentalist - Trombone Tammany Orchestra, with trombone solo Pryor's Orchestra 1905-05-17
Instrumentalist - Trombone The chapel Brass quartet Victor Brass Quartet 1905-12-13
Instrumentalist - Trombone Celeste Aida Orchestra, with trombone solo Pryor's Orchestra 1905-12-14
Instrumentalist - Trombone Sweet and low Brass quartet Victor Brass Quartet 1906-02-28
Instrumentalist - Trombone The harp that once thro' Tara's halls Trombone solo, with band Sousa's Band 1903-08-14
Instrumentalist - Trombone Love thoughts Trombone solo, with band Sousa's Band 1903-08-28
Instrumentalist - Trombone Cujus animam Trombone solo, with band Sousa's Band; Arthur Pryor 1903-08-28
Instrumentalist - Trombone Daisy Donohue Trombone solo, with band Arthur Pryor 1903-12-17
Instrumentalist - Trombone The Mikado lancers Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra 1909-03-18