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The following recordings featuring Pryor's Orchestra are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Musical group Indian medley Orchestra, with chorus Pryor's Orchestra 1906-05-18
Musical group Southern smiles Orchestra Pryor's Orchestra 1904-03-11
Musical group Hiawatha Orchestra Victor Orchestra [i.e., Pryor's Orchestra] 1904-11-11
Musical group Woman's heart Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra [i.e., Pryor's Orchestra] 1904-06-27
Musical group Down Tennessee Orchestra, with male vocal quartet Haydn Quartet; Pryor's Orchestra 1904-09-21
Musical group The troubadour Orchestra Pryor's Orchestra 1904-11-15
Musical group Tammany Orchestra, with trombone solo Pryor's Orchestra 1905-05-17
Musical group A deed of the pen Orchestra Pryor's Orchestra 1904-03-23
Musical group The Mikado lancers Band Victor Dance Orchestra [i.e., Pryor's Orchestra]