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The following recordings featuring Gus Edwards are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Good bye, little girl, good bye Male vocal quartet or octet Old Homestead Double Quartet 1905-01-17
Composer Tammany two-step Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra 1905-04-19
Composer Tammany Male vocal solo Frank Kernell [i.e. Samuel H. Dudley] 1905-02-28
Composer Tammany Orchestra, with trombone solo Pryor's Orchestra 1905-05-17
Composer Pals Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Len Spencer; Ada Jones 1905-05-03
Composer Pocahontas Male vocal solo, with orchestra Edward M. Favor 1906-03-16
Composer Once upon a time Male vocal solo, with orchestra Byron G. Harlan 1906-02-21
Composer The game of peek-a-boo Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Ada Jones; Billy Murray 1907-01-02
Composer Sunbonnet Sue Male vocal quartet and male vocal solo, with orchestra Haydn Quartet 1908-08-12
Composer Goodbye little girl, goodbye Female vocal solo, with orchestra Mina Hickman 1904-06-16