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The following recordings featuring Howard Rattay are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Instrumentalist - Violin Simple confession Instrumental trio Neapolitan Trio 1912-02-08
Instrumentalist - Violin The ashes of my heart Male vocal solo, with orchestra Charles Harrison 1916-05-12
Instrumentalist - Violin I love you, that's one thing I know Male vocal solo, with violin and orchestra William Barnes 1916-02-03
Instrumentalist - Violin The seven last words of Christ : Opening chorus and recitative Mixed vocal chorus, with violin, cello, and organ Victor Oratorio Chorus 1916-06-05
Instrumentalist - Violin Little grey home in the west Instrumental trio, with bells Venetian Trio 1916-02-10
Instrumentalist - Violin I've lost you, so why should I care Male vocal solo, with violin, cello, and chorus Henry Burr 1916-04-07
Instrumentalist - Violin Sighing Male vocal solo, with violin and orchestra Henry Burr 1916-02-11
Instrumentalist - Violin My old Kentucky home Instrumental trio Neapolitan Trio 1915-11-29
Instrumentalist - Violin Spring song Whistling solo, with violin, harp, and orchestra Charles C. Gorst 1916-02-24
Instrumentalist - Violin Where the shamrock grows Male vocal solo, with violin and orchestra Geoffrey O'Hara 1916-05-02