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The following recordings featuring Harry D. Squires are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Rosy cheeks Jazz/dance band All Star Trio; All Star Trio Orchestra 1921-08-31
Composer Rock me in my Swanee cradle Male vocal quartet, with English horn and orchestra Peerless Quartet 1922-04-28
Composer In the heart of a fool Male vocal solo, with orchestra Henry Burr 1919-06-11
Composer If I stay away too long from Carolina Jazz/dance band Art Hickman Orchestra; Earl Burtnett 1924-06-13
Composer Carolina rolling stone Male vocal duet, with orchestra Charles H. Hart; Elliott Shaw 1922-01-16
Composer Some day I'll make you glad Male vocal trio, with violin and orchestra Sterling Trio 1919-02-06
Composer Just for remembrance Male vocal solo, with orchestra Elliott Shaw 1924-04-29
Composer I wish I had someone to cry over me Male vocal solo, with saxophone and orchestra Lewis James 1923-07-23
Composer Mean, mean mamma Jazz/dance band, with piano duet Benson Orchestra of Chicago; Don Bestor 1923-08-21