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The following recordings featuring Albert Von Tilzer are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer My orchard is short of a peach like you Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Ada Jones; Billy Murray 1913-11-14
Composer Rosa Rosetta Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Nora Bayes; Jack Norworth 1910-05-20
Composer The Honolulu hicki boola boo Male vocal quartet, with orchestra American Quartet 1917-01-22
Composer Spoontime Bells solo, with orchestra Chris Chapman 1906-06-19
Composer Please don't take my lovin' man away Female vocal solo and male vocal quartet, with orchestra Edna Brown [i.e., Elsie Baker] 1912-03-26
Composer To any girl Male vocal duet, with orchestra Henry Burr; Albert Campbell 1917-02-14
Composer Put on your slippers Band Victor Military Band 1917-03-13
Composer Bunker Hill Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1905-01-05
Composer Stop! Look! Listen! (To the music of the band) Male vocal quartet and soloist, with piano, traps, and orchestra American Quartet [i.e., Peerless Quartet]; Billy Murray 1920-11-26
Composer Oh gee! Say gee! You ought to see my Gee Gee from the Fiji isle Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1920-11-26