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The following recordings featuring Jack Yellen are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Lyricist Down by the O-hi-o (I've got the sweetest little O, my! O!) Male vocal duet, with orchestra Billy Murray; Victor Roberts [i.e., Billy Jones] 1920-12-29
Lyricist A young man's fancy Female vocal solo, with celeste and orchestra Olive Kline 1920-12-03
Lyricist Southern gals Male vocal duet, with orchestra Van and Schenck 1917-07-13
Lyricist There's a lot of blue-eyed Marys down in Maryland Male vocal quartet, with orchestra Shannon Four 1919-09-22
Lyricist High brown blues Male vocal quartet and soloist, with orchestra Billy Murray; American Quartet 1922-05-03
Lyricist Mississippi cradle Female-male vocal duet, with marimbas and orchestra Edna Brown [i.e., Elsie Baker]; Elliott Shaw 1921-12-01
Lyricist Johnny's in town Male vocal solo, with orchestra Arthur Fields 1919-01-24
Lyricist You know me Alabam' Male vocal solo, with jazz/dance band George Price; The Troubadours 1924-05-23
Lyricist Hard hearted Hannah (the vamp of Savannah) Female vocal solo, with orchestra Elsie Baker 1924-08-28
Lyricist Big bad Bill (is sweet William now) Male vocal solo, with orchestra Billy Murray 1924-11-07