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Bahrain: Royal Decree Amends Provisions on Constitutional Court

(Aug. 22, 2012) On August 15, 2012, the King of Bahrain issued a Royal Decree containing Law 38-2012, which amends Law 27-2002 concerning the establishment of the Constitutional Court.

Law 38-2012 covers the structure of the Court and the duration of its terms of office. It declares that the Court shall consist of a chief justice, a deputy chief, and five other justices. Concerning the length of service of the Court's members, the law notes that each member of the Court will be appointed by the King for a five-year term. It also provides that a Court member's term may be renewed only once. (King of Bahrain Issues a Decree Amending Some Provisions of Law on Constitutional Court [in Arabic], AKHBAR AL YOUM (Aug. 15, 2012).)

The new amendment specifically covers articles 2, 3, and 7 of Law 27-2002. In addition to the aforementioned provisions, the revised article 7 specifies that in the absence of the chief justice, the deputy chief will serve as his replacement. Previously, any member of the Court could serve as a substitute. (Law 27-2002 [in Arabic], Sept.18, 2002, 2548 AL-JARIDAH AL RASMIYAH (Official Gazette) 24.)