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Brazil; France: Agreements on Defense Include Transfer of Technology

(Jan. 5, 2009) On December 22, 2008, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and French President Nicolas Sarkozy signed several agreements in the area of defense during Sarkozy's visit to Rio de Janeiro. The agreements include the purchase of helicopters, the construction of submarines (including a nuclear-propelled one), and the transfer of technology to enable Brazil to develop its military industry. According to President Lula, Brazil chose France as a partner for the these agreements because the French offered not only to sell to, but also to build in, Brazil the various types of equipment and to transfer the necessary technology. (Brasil e França Assinam Acordo na Área de Defesa de 8,6 Bilhões de Euros, GLOBO ONLINE, Dec. 23, 2008, available at