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Brazil: National Council of Justice Launches Campaign for the Rational Use of Resources

(May 23, 2014) On May 13, 2014, Brazil’s National Council of Justice (Conselho Nacional de Justiça, CNJ) launched a campaign to encourage the rational use of resources by the judiciary and to disseminate good environmental practices. (Sarah Barros, CNJ Lança a Campanha Melhore o Planeta para Estimular o Uso Racional de Recursos, AGÊNCIA CNJ DE NOTÍCIAS (May 13, 2014).)

Resolution No. 70 of March 18, 2009 (Resolução CNJ No. 70, de 18 de Março de 2009, CNJ website) provides for the strategic planning of the CNJ, including, among other goals, its assumption of social and environmental responsibility as a judicial value benefiting society (id. art. 1(III)(h)). Ensuring the economic viability of resources by optimizing the acquisition and use of all materials, goods, and services (actions to promote environmental responsibility) and determining the best allocation of human resources needed for adjudication of cases are also listed as strategic objectives of the CNJ (id.).

According to the new campaign, for 2014 the goal is to reduce the consumption of water and electricity by 20% compared to 2013 and fuel and related supplies by 15%. In 2013, the consumption of water fell by 29% and electricity fell by 24% compared to 2012 (id.).

The CNJ was created in 2004 through Constitutional Amendment No. 45 of December 30, 2004 (Emenda Constitucional No. 45, de 30 de Dezembro de 2004, PLANALTO). It is a judicial agency responsible for the administrative and financial control of the judiciary and the supervision of judges. (Constituição Federal, art. 103-B(§4), PLANALTO; for background on the CNJ, see Eduardo Soares, Brazil: International Adoption, GLOBAL LEGAL MONITOR (Mar. 28, 2014).)