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Cape Verde: New Law Will Require Journalists to Have a Degree

(May 5, 2010) A new Journalist Statute was approved by the Cape Verdean Parliament in April 2010 and must be voted on by the National Assembly in May 2010 before it can come into force.

According to the approved Statute, in order to work as a journalist, a person will need to have a college degree in journalism. The Statute also forces journalists who have been working for less than ten years without a college degree to obtain one within five years or they will be automatically laid off at that time. If the professional has been continuously working for more than ten years without a college degree, there will be no need to go back to school to obtain one. (Novo Estatuto dos Jornalistas Aprovado pelo Parlamento e Criticado pela Classe, NOTÍCIAS LUSÓFONAS, Apr. 30, 2010, available at http://www.noticiaslus