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Egypt: New Decree Regulating Presidential Elections

(Mar. 13, 2014) On March 8, 2014, Egypt’s Interim President, Adely Mansour, issued Presidential Decree 14-2014 regulating the presidential elections of 2014. The new legislation is designed to identify requirements that candidates who wish to run in the upcoming Egyptian presidential elections must meet in order to be able to put their names on the ballet. Despite the fact that the law did not set forth an election date, the legal advisor to the President announced that the elections might take place in April. (The President Issues Law on Presidential Elections [in Arabic], AL KHALEEJ (Mar. 9, 2014).)

The new legislation stipulates that candidates must meet the following conditions: 1) both parents must be Egyptian nationals; 2) neither parent has ever held a foreign passport; 3) the candidate must be a university graduate; 4) the candidate is legally able to exercise civil and political rights; 5) the candidate has not been convicted of a felony; 6) the candidate finished military service or is legally exempt from it; 6) the candidate must not be less than 40 years of age; and 7) the candidate must not have any mental or physical disease that might affect his performance as the President of the Republic. (President of Egypt Decision No. 22 of 2014 [in Arabic], 10 AL JARIDA AL RASMIYYA (Mar. 8, 2014), at 2.)

The law also identifies members of the Presidential Electoral Commission and establishes its mission and objectives. Moreover, Chapter Three of the law covers the procedures for registering the candidates’ names. Chapter 4 discusses conditions governing election aids and methods of funding the election campaigns. Moreover, the present law protects all decisions issued by the presidential electoral commission from legal challenges or appeals before the judiciary. Finally, the law imposes sanctions, including terms of imprisonment and fines, on any candidate who violates its provisions. (Id.)