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El Salvador: Amendment to Criminal Code

(Mar. 3, 2009) Decree 745 of November 21, 2008, amends article 338-B of the Criminal Code of El Salvador concerning trafficking of prohibited objects in penitentiaries and in centers of detention or reeducation. The entry into, introduction of, trafficking in, possession of, or circulation inside a penitentiary or detention or reeducation center of objects prohibited by the penitentiary law and pertinent regulations will be punished with imprisonment for three to six years. The same sanction will be imposed on a person surprised in the act of providing those objects by throwing them into the facility from the outside .

Officials or public employees who perform, allow, or facilitate such conduct will see their punishment increased by up to one-third of the maximum specified for the general public and, in addition, will be disqualified from the exercise of their position, employment, or function for the same period of time. (Decree No. 745, 222 DIARIO OFICIAL [official gazette] 12-13 (Nov. 25, 2008).)