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European Union: National and European Alert Programs to Report Internet Offenses

(Oct. 29, 2008) On October 24, 2008, the European Union Justice and Home Affairs Council, which convened in Luxembourg, adopted its conclusions on establishing national alert programs and a European alert program to report information on Internet offenses. For this purpose, it invited the EU Member States to take the necessary measures to create such programs where they do not exist or to centralize any existing alert programs, so that they can be shared by other EU Members.

The Council also invited the European Police Office (Europol) to create a European program consisting of all national programs to:

  • gather and centralize information and data about Internet offenses as provided by the national authorities, to review whether they are of European origin and thus need to be included in the program or they originate from outside countries;
  • convey the decision back to the national platforms;
  • establish a European website on cybercrime and publicize the information about the existence of national programs; and
  • prepare operational and statistical reports on the data collected on a regular basis.

Finally, the Council urged the European Commission to consider funding for such a project. (Council Conclusions on Setting up National Alert Platforms and a European Alert Platform for Reporting Offences Noted on the Internet, Oct. 24, 2008, Council of the European Union website, available at