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European Union: Proposal to Introduce Communication Among Cars

(Sept. 4, 2008) European Union statistics available for 2006 indicate that approximately 42,000 persons died and more than 1.6 million were involved in automobile accidents in that year. Moreover, Europeans spent 24% of driving time in traffic jams. This fact alone is anticipated to cost the economy about €80 billion (about US$116.3 billion) by 2010.

On August 5, 2008, the European Commission unveiled plans to introduce technology that will enable cars to communicate with each other and transmit information on road conditions, traffic congestion, and alternate routes. The technology will be available by 2010 and will use 30 MHz of spectrum in the 5.9 GHZ band. Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding called the decision a “decisive step” to reduce traffic accidents in the European Union. (Talking Cars to Save Lives on EU Roads, EU OBSERVER, Aug. 5, 2008, available at