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India: Continuation of Reservation of Government Posts, Services for Certain Castes and Tribes

(Oct. 22, 2008) On October 8, 2008, the Union Government Cabinet approved the enactment of the Scheduled Castes (SC) and the Scheduled Tribes (ST) (Reservation in Posts and Services) Bill, 2008. The proposed law would ban “de-reserving” of posts in seats reserved for SCs and STs. It would also provide for penalties against offices that do not implement reservation provisions and that fail to impart training to SCs and STs to enable them to prepare for competition for jobs.

According to the Government, the proposed law would remove ambiguity and introduce coherence and authenticity in the framework for implementation of reservations for SCs and STs in central government services. It would also bring interpretative clarity to various facets of the reservations policy, the Government contends. (India: Government Approves Proposal to Restrict Publication of Exit Polls, THE INDIAN EXPRESS ONLINE (New Delhi), Oct. 9, 2008, Open Source Center No. SAP20081009428007.)