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Indonesia: City Government to Shame Polluters

(July 1, 2009) According to Ridwan Panjaitan, the head of law enforcement for the City Environmental Management Agency of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, the municipality will make public the names of companies that violate environmental regulations. Speaking on June 25, 2009, Panjaitan said that the publicity would begin next year and take place on an annual environmental appreciation night. He stated that the city would “give [companies] social sanctions as a shock therapy so other companies will want to comply with environmental laws to protect their image.” (Prodita Sabarini, Environment Agency Plans to Shame Polluter Companies, THE JAKARTA POST, June 26, 2009, available at

No list of companies that violate environmental laws has been released for 2009, as 27 companies are still involved in court cases. Forty companies in Jakarta either received sanctions, are now on trial, or have been summoned in 2009 for such infractions. (Id.)

In addition to publicly shaming misbehaving companies, the city will present awards to those who have made positive contributions to environmental preservation. Commendations will be given for best environmental management, best vehicle mechanic shop for testing emissions, best company in administering emissions testing on their own vehicles, best no smoking area, and so on. Jakarta has considerable problems with water, air, and soil pollution. (Id.)