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Israel: Comprehensive Law on Aviation

(May 13, 2011) On March 30, 2011, the Knesset (Israel's parliament) passed the Aviation Law, 5771-2011. This comprehensive legislation regulates security of all civil aviation in Israel. It regulates licensing of all operators and service providers, including pilots, flight schools, airport inspectors, flight controllers, and manufacturers of aircraft and aviation equipment. In addition, the Law introduces specific security clearance and medical eligibility requirements for aviation industry workers. The Law prohibits aviation workers from consuming drugs or alcohol while performing their duties.

The Law contains special provisions on the operation and management of aviation schools, commercial operation of aircraft, and aircraft maintenance and inspections, as well as on the provision of airport services and the operation of airports and landing spaces.

The Law authorizes the Minister of Transport and Road Safety to impose time limits on aviation activity in specific airports after giving interested parties the opportunity to present their comments. The Law further authorizes the head of the aviation agency or other designated person to limit, subject to conditions, void, or refuse to renew any licenses that were fraudulently or erroneously obtained, issued based on the fulfillment of conditions that no longer exist, issued to persons convicted of offenses under conditions making them unfit for holding licenses, or issued to persons who have violated this or any other aviation law or applicable military order. Additionally, the Law regulates the manufacture, import, export, as well as the registration and labeling of aircraft. It requires operators of aircraft to maintain up-to-date certificates of aviation eligibility.

The Law implements requirements established under the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed in Chicago on December 7, 1944, and later appendices and amendments, as long as they have been adopted by the State of Israel. (Aviation Law, 5771-2011, & bill, the Knesset website, (both in Hebrew & both last visited May 10, 2011); Convention on International Civil Aviation, International Civil Aviation Organization website (last visited May 10, 2011).)