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Israel: Establishment of a State Information Center for Public Transportation

(Dec. 28, 2010) On December 7, 2010, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) passed an amendment to the Traffic Ordinance (New Version) (5721-1961). The amendment requires the Traffic Controller to establish a center for information on public transportation (hereinafter the Center). The Center will provide to the public information on public transportation, including information on coordination among bus services, by phone, including text messaging, as well as on the Internet. The information, which will be constantly updated, will include data on the duration of a commute between stations, the approximate time of arrival at a bus station, and any unanticipated changes of schedule.

Data on the operation of licensed service routes, including the stations, the planned schedule, fees, and accessibility to persons with disabilities, must routinely be provided to the Traffic Controller by the service companies. The Controller will transfer this information, along with data on the reliability of the information and the technological systems that will be used by the service company licensee, for the purpose of public distribution. The operation of the Center may be subject to requirements that will be listed in a permit granted by the Minister of Transport.

The amendment further requires the posting at bus and taxi service stations of detailed maps, frequency of service, and how to communicate with the licensee and the Center. It also requires the Controller to prepare an annual plan for the posting of electronic information on service frequency, duration, and unanticipated changes at bus stops. (Traffic Ordinance (New Version) (5721-1961), 1 LAWS OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL (New Version) 222 (1967), as amended; Traffic Ordinance (Amendment No. 98), 5771-2010 [in Hebrew], the Knesset website, (last visited Dec. 27, 2010).)