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Israel: Regulation of Processing of Packaging Materials

(Feb. 9, 2011) On January 19, 2011, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) passed the Regulation of Processing of Packaging Law, 5771-2011. The Law declares that it is intended to regulate both the production and the processing of packaging material waste by minimizing packaging volume, preventing waste dumping, and encouraging recycling, in order to minimize the negative impact of packaging materials on the environment.

To reach these objectives, the Law authorizes the Minister of Environmental Protection (hereinafter the Minister), in consultation with the Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment, and with the approval of the Knesset Economics Committee, to pass regulations that will require manufacturers to reduce negative environmental impact at the production stage of packaging materials. The Minister is further authorized to pass regulations that will impose labeling obligations for product compliance on manufacturers and importers of packaged products and packaging materials.

The Law imposes on manufacturers and importers a requirement to recycle packaging materials of specific proportions, depending on the types of materials from which they are made. Manufacturers and importers are also required to submit reports twice a year to the Minister on their compliance with the provisions of the Law. (Regulation of Processing of Packaging Law, 5771-2011 & related bill [both in Hebrew], Knesset website, &, respectively (both last visited Feb. 1, 2011).)