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Italy: Extension of Deadlines for Reorganization of Government Entities

(Feb. 4, 2015) Italy has passed additional legislation, effective on December 31, 2014, aimed at promoting efficiency and eliminating government bureaucracy. (Legislative Decree No. 192 of December 31, 2014, Extension of Deadlines Set in Several Laws (D.L. No. 192), GAZETTA UFFICIALE No. 302, NORMATTIVA (in Italian).)

D.L. No. 192 establishes a series of provisions extending deadlines applicable to securing personnel for the civil service. Specifically, it extends the terms for the recruitment and hiring of permanent staff at several government agencies until December 31, 2015. (D.L. No. 192, art. 1(2).) The law also has measures on expediting the hiring of staff by eliminating certain administrative steps requiring the intervention of the Council of Ministers. (Id. art. 1(5).)

The affected government agencies, programs, and systems include, e.g., the Italian Drug Agency; the Single Justice Fund; the administrative justice system; and several agencies dependent on the Ministry of the Interior. Those agencies cover cultural property; education; health; infrastructure and transportation; environmental matters; economic and financial regulation; the taxation of renewable energy from agriculture and forestry, solar energy, and fuels obtained from crops; and the National Sports Federation, which is affiliated with the Italian National Olympic Committee. (Id. arts. 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, & 13.)

D.L. No. 192 also aims to facilitate the implementation of Expo Milano 2015, which is a worldwide exhibition to be held in Milano, Italy, in October 2015, on the topic of food and nutrition, by providing for the hiring of security personnel for the event and allocating funds for hiring them. The Decree also allocates funds for the use of armed forces in 2015 for the prevention of organized and environmental crime in the Campania region. (Id. art. 4(6).)

In addition, D.L. No. 192 extends the period of appointment of the commissioner appointed for the adoption of remedial measures in the Sardinia region. (Id. art. 11(2); see also Dante Figueroa, National Funding of Road Infrastructure: Italy, Law Library of Congress website.)

Finally, the new legislation postpones the respective terms necessary to ensure the continuity of the activities of employment centers connected to the implementation of the actions projects financed by the European Structural Funds 2007-2013, as well as the terms of consulting contracts for employment services, all of which are currently set to expire on December 31, 2015. (D. L. No. 192, art. 14(1).)