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Japan: Green Tea Promotion Adopted by Law

(May 3, 2011) One of the fastest growing export items from Japan to the United States at present is green tea. (Daniel Workman, Japan Trade Statistics 2009 (Feb. 25, 2010).)

The Japanese Parliament has enacted the Law Concerning Promotion of Tea (Law No. 21 of 2011, promulgated on Apr. 22, 2011.) The Law intends to promote both business and cultural aspects of tea. It encourages prefectures to establish tea promotion plans. The national government and the prefectures are to make efforts to support tea producers, to improve the technology of tea processing and distribution, and to improve tea quality. They must also make an effort to promote the consumption and export of tea as well as tea culture. (For background information on Japan's tea culture, see, for example Japanese Green Tea Museum, Kaburagien [a Japanese tea maker] website (last visited Apr. 29, 2011).)