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Mexico: Compensatory Quotas on Chinese Import Goods Eliminated

(Oct. 30, 2008) October 14, 2008, was the last day for the application of compensatory quotas that protected the Mexican industry from Chinese competition for a number of years. Effective October 15, 2008, Mexico eliminated compensatory quotas on 749 Chinese-imported products out of the total of 953 tariff items. Transitory measures are going to be applied only to sensitive products among the remaining 204 tariff items, such as textiles, home electrical appliances, pencils, and ballasts,from October 14, 2008, to December 11, 2011. The Decree eliminating the tariffs was published in the federal official gazette on October 14, 2008. (ACUERDO por el que se implementa una medida de transición temporal sobre las importaciones de diversas mercancías originarias de la República Popular China, DIARIO OFICIAL DE LA FEDERACIÓN (Oct. 14, 2008), available at; Eliminan Cuotas Compensatorias a Productos Importados de China, EL FINANCIERO, Oct. 14, 2008, available at
.) )