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Mexico; United States: Agreement Results in Convictions

(July 29, 2010) Two Mexican nationals captured in Nogales, Arizona, were recently convicted of marijuana trafficking in Mexico pursuant to the Controlled Substances Program (CSP), an agreement between the United States and Mexico “to prosecute, under Mexican law, drug smuggling cases that originate at Nogales ports of entry.” (Press Release, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Binational Drug Prosecution Effort Nets Jail Terms: 10-Year Sentences Handed Out in Nogales Marijuana Smuggling Cases (Mar. 15, 2010), The Press Release stated:

The Nogales CSP, aimed at reducing narcotics smuggling along Arizona's border with Mexico, is the first agreement of its kind between the governments of the United States and Mexico. Since its inception in October 2009, 24 suspects have been referred to Mexican authorities for prosecution. Following these two convictions, there are still 18 cases pending prosecution. (Id.)