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Mexico; United States: Collaboration on Drug Cartel Indictments

(Aug. 27, 2009) On August 20, 2009, the United States Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced the indictment of 43 individuals who allegedly are “… high-ranking members of several of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels … .” According to a press release issued on the occasion, these individuals are accused of

importing into the United States and distributing nearly 200 metric tons of cocaine, additional large quantities of heroin, and the bulk smuggling from the United States to Mexico of more than $5.8 billion in cash proceeds from narcotics sales throughout the United States and Canada.

Investigations in this case were conducted by American authorities in collaboration with Mexican authorities. (Press Release, U.S. Department of Justice, Ten Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Leaders Among 43 Defendants Indicted in Brooklyn and Chicago as Part of Coordinated Strike Against Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (Aug. 20, 2009), available at