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Peru: National Plan on Gender-Based Violence 2016-2021 Approved

(Sept. 1, 2016) Peru’s Ministry of the Woman and Vulnerable Populations (known by the initials MMPV) approved a national plan on gender-based violence that will apply to all levels of government and all entities involved in the prevention, punishment, and eradication of such violence. (Ministerio de la Mujer y Poblaciones Vulnerables, Decreto Supremo Nº 008-2016-MIMP que Aprueba el “Plan Nacional Contra la Violencia De Género 2016 – 2021,” EL PERUANO (July 26, 2016).) The 2016-2021 National Plan on Gender-Based Violence includes provisions on financing, supervision, and application.  Regional and local governments will have to adjust their policies and standards to the Plan with the support of the MMPV.  (Id.)

The adoption of the Plan is a response to recent court decisions exculpating men who perpetrated aggression against women and remained free of criminal sanctions by the courts. (Ni Una Menos: Aprueba el Plan Nacional Contra la Violencia de Género, EL POPULAR (July 26, 2016).)

The Plan includes education and information campaigns at all education levels, training of authorities involved in the prevention and punishment of gender-based violent crimes, and broadcasting of information on gender-based violence to alert society about authorities and entities available to support the victims and their families. (Id.)  It also provides for an action plan to re-educate the aggressors, empower activist groups and organizations, and establish centers rendering wide-ranging services to victims and their families.  (Id.) 

As a part of the plan, on July 27, 2016, the President of the Judicial Power in Peru announced the launch of a national training plan for judges on rendering justice informed by a gender perspective, due to the increase in gender-based violence in the country. (El Poder Judicial Capacitará a Magistrados del País en temas de Justicia de género, EL PERUANO (July 27, 2016).)

The specialized training is part of a strategic plan for the judiciary to combat violence against women by instructing judges in interpreting the laws in force with objectivity and assessing the evidence without bias in favor of the attacker. (Id.)  The plan will also include the creation of an Office of  Gender Justice within the Supreme Court that will coordinate and manage gender training for judges.  (Id.)